Welsh Government – Children returning back to training.

Children will be allowed to leave areas under lockdown in order to play sport, following an outcry over coronavirus regulations.

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford said the regulations would be amended. Under coronavirus rules, amateur sports are not currently classed as a “reasonable excuse” to travel in or out of an area subjected to local lockdown.

Speaking at the Welsh Government’s coronavirus briefing on Friday, Mr Drakeford said he “intended” for the regulations to be amended to “allow children to take part in organised sporting activities if these take place outside their county boundaries”.

Those living in areas not subject to lockdown restrictions would also be permitted to enter locked down areas to play sport.

It is not yet clear what age range the exemption will apply to, or if parents will have to stay in their cars after dropping children off for training.

The Welsh Government said details would be published as soon as possible.

At this moment in time we have not be told what date this will be implemented within our region.

The governing body have been contacted for more details. When this is a available, it will be posted on our social media accounts

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