Squads From November 2020

Gold (12)Hours per WeekCost
Archie Mclain14£55
Bailey Briggs14£55
Caitlin Bound14£55
Dylan Havard14£55
Isabel Brassington14£55
Jame Ingram14£55
Lucy Brassington14£55
Megan Cope14£55
Michael Pursey14£55
Morgan Watts14£55
Owen Price-Davies14£55
Rebeka Ramsey14£55
Summer Price14£55
Silver (7)Hours per WeekCost
Ameila Hibbert11£50
Anais Watkins11£50
Freddie Johnson11£50
John Atkinson11£50
Keira Avery11£50
Lexi Johnson11£50
Llinos Cope11£50
Bronze (5)Hours per WeekCost
Cian Epstein9£45
Corey Plumley9£45
Harriett Hooper9£45
Laragh Epstein9£45
Nicky Morgan9£45
Yellow (6)Hours per WeekCost
Ben Pearce7£40
Euan Lewis7£40
Lewis henley 7£40
Macsen Watts7£40
Riley Lewis7£40
Ruan harrahy7£40
Red (5)Hours per WeekCost
Abbie Headen6£38
macsen Evans6£38
Thomas Scofiled6£38
NIa Rogers6£38
Taske White6£38
Pink (5)Hours per WeekCost
Darcey Gallier-Morgan5£35
Ella Mosedale5£35
Huw Mosedale5£35
Naimh Epstein5£35
Skye Francis5£35
Green (5)Hours per WeekCost
Ceira Plumley3£30
Emilia Rogers3£30
Ffinian Watkins3£30
Livvi Woolf3£30
Macy Price3£30
Purple A (5)Hours per WeekCost
Ferdi Freeman2£25
Kevin Hornyik2£25
Mckenzie Bowdler2£25
Noah Davies2£25
Ruby Davies2£25
Purple B (5)Hours per WeekCost
Alex Morris2£25
Charlie Rees2£25
Jacob Kirkby2£25
Lavia Worna2£25
Logan Price2£25
Orange A (5)Hours per WeekCost
Iolo Watkins1£20
Joseph Cross1£20
Sophie Annette1£20
Sophia Valakova1£20
Thomas Headen1£20
Orange B (5)Hours per WeekCost
Arthur Hooper1£20
Hayden Crowle1£20
Mia Worthing1£20
Sophie Bowd1£20
Zander Freeman1£20
SqaudHours of trainingCost
Masters A2£25
Masters B 2£25

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