Session Fees – Payments to be suspended from 1st February 2021

The committee has decided that there is no real date before we can return to the water.

I ask all parents to suspend their standing orders from the 1st of February until further notice.

The committee have also decided on the following payments required to be paid for swimming sessions from September 2020 to January 2021.

·         Gold, Silver and Bronze will pay 2 months fees

·         All other squads will pay 1 month fee

All over payments will be paid back via bank transfer.

Please contact Joanne Butler ( with you bank details and any over payments will be transferred by the end of March.  Any payment not requested by the 20th March will not be paid and any fees outstanding will go back into the club.  This is to allow the clubs finances to be closed ready to be audited and submitted to Swim Wales.

Individual letters will be sent to all parents that have fees outstanding.  These fees need to be paid before the end of March to allow the accounts to be audited. Failure to pay any outstanding fees will result in swimmers not being allowed to enter swimming sessions when the club restarts.

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