2021 WASA Fees – Return to Swimming (17th May – Update)

If you are intending to return back to swimming (main and little pool) after lockdown, then the WASA Fees of £40 need to be paid no later than 30th April 2021.

The committee and Coaching team will then meet to discuss squads allocations/times based on WASA payments.

Failure to pay your WASA fees on time will result in your child not being included within the training schedules as they will not be insured and NOT allowed to train.

At this moment in time, dates for the return to swimming is the 17th May 2021 as swimming clubs are classed as group activities.

The squad lists will be sent out and posted on the web site as quickly as possible after the 30th April.

Payments can be made using the same bank account details as used for monthly subscriptions.

If you have any concerns, then please e-mail the treasurer or chairman.

2021 Affiliation Fees form

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