About the Club!

The Heads of the Valley Swimming Club consists of approximately 110 members, 90 of whom are swimmers, male and female, ages 4 to 17. Of these members we currently have 30 swimmers who compete on a regular basis in Open and Closed Meets.  Most of our swimmers have progressed from HVSC or Local Authority  Learn to Swim programmes. The club currently has a number of members who appear on the A.S.A. rankings website in a variety of Strokes and distances.

All ‘Barracudas’ should:

  • Behave in a manners that considers the views of others – be considerate to other members of the club!
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of a training session.
  • Realise the importance of self-discipline in achieving success
  • Remember that the winning of medals is the result of weeks/months/years of hard work.
  • Always listen to the advice of your coach, when training or competing
  • Compete aggressively but learn how to lose graciously
  • Use the club to achieve fitness, status and self-belief
  • Dedicate yourself to the demands of training and competing
  • Achieve your full potential in swimming – to so this you need to..
  • Swim as fast as you can!
Club Targets

  • To achieve Dragon mark status
  • Review and develop links with local primary schools
  • Review and develop existing Child Safety procedures within the club
  • To initiate and provide 50m training for our swimmers
  • To develop existing training procedures within the club
  • To obtain suitable funding/sponsorship for future growth and development
  • To provide suitable training for existing coaches and officials
  • To improve the current membership of the club
  • To develop communication between club officials and swimmers/parents
  • To develop social aspects of the club
HVSC Code of Conduct

All swimmers, members and parents/guardians of the HVSC are expected to conform to the clubs code of conduct to maintain the reputation as a friendly and disciplined organisation and above all to ensure the safety and well being of all.  All swimmers, members and parents/guardians, have the opportunity to give their thoughts and ideas on the code of conduct to ensure its success.

Behaviour and Personal Conduct must at all times be of a high standard and reflect favourably on the sport, and the club. Language in public or relevant group situations must always be appropriate and socially acceptable. Bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated. At all times act in a safe and considerate manner.

Respect must be shown to all club members, coaches and leisure centre staff.  You must treat others, as you would like to be treated.  All property belonging to swimmers, leisure centres and HVSC should be treated in the correct manner.  Swimmers should promptly carry out instructions given by coaches, officials, and leisure centre staff during competitions and training.  Swimmers should support, encourage others and stay positive to ensure a good positive environment.  During competition remain with the team at all times, accept winning or defeat with grace and good sportsmanship, encourage each other during events, arrive and leave as a team. 

Training: Swimmers should arrive on poolside in appropriate kit 5 minutes before the start of the session. Late attendees may not be allowed to train without a valid reason. Throughout training all swimmers must show 100% commitment and be respectful to coaching staff and other swimmers at all times. During pool sessions the following must be followed no jumping into water less than 1m, observe lane disciplines e.g. leave 5 second gaps between swimmers, have all equipment ready and move carefully around poolside.

Personal Appearance: shall be appropriate to the circumstances and as indicated by the club. Team kit and equipment (incl. club hats) shall be worn when competing or when assembling or travelling, at official team functions or on other occasions as notified.  Attendance at all competition award presentations in full kit is also required.   

Attendance at agreed activities/competitions is expected unless agreed by the Head Coach or Team Manager. Throughout these events swimmers should inform coaching staff of their whereabouts and should report back to the coach or team manager immediately following completion of their swim. Punctuality on all occasions is essential and any curfew must be observed.  Swimmers should be available to swim in all team events without question, when selected by the Head Coach, unless prevented by injury.

During club training swimmers should attend all training sessions as detailed by their squad criteria.

Illegal and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Substances are strictly forbidden. Swimmers are expected to be aware of the current list of banned substances and particular care must be exercised if anyone is on medication prior to or during a meet.  

Medication: It is important that information on all medication being currently taken should be reported to the Head Coach or Team Manager who will report it to the relevant personnel. Allergies to any medication must be reported to the Head Coach or Team Manager.

Consumption of Alcohol is totally forbidden for athletes under age as defined by UK law. Swimmers or staff members whilst en route, prior to, or following a competition event, training camp or team activities, without specific consent of the Team Manager, must not consume it. During competition alcohol is strictly forbidden to all swimmers and staff.  

Smoking: is prohibited by swimmers and staff whilst en route, prior to, during or following a competition event, training session or team activities.

Squad or Head Coaches will initially deal with all breaches of the Code of Conduct.

A written report of any incidents will then be sent to the Club Secretary and Chairman.

The executive committee will then review any incidents and any breaches of the code, which could result in disciplinary action being taken.

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