HVSC Swimshop

HVSC swimming club kit is provided by our supplier Reflex Embroidery Specialists.The club holds a limited amount of HVSC kit to enable you to try sizing prior to ordering. From time to time the club will place an order but we encourage you to order direct from the above supplier.



It is the club rules that when attending competition’s the following kit must be worn.


HVSC Kit – Swimmers (Red Kit only) Child Adult
T-shirt £16.50 £19.50
HVSC – Hoody  (with hood) £23.50 £27.50
Hoodie without Hood (1/4 Zip) £23.50 £27.50
Black Leggings/Bottoms/Shorts Any can be worn / must be black
HVSC Swimming HAT Ordered at club £5 (one size)


Useful websites – Amazon, Ebay, Proswimwear, Simplyswim, Sports Direct

Sqauds Equipment
All Squads Goggles x2
All Squads HVSC Swimming Hat x2
MP1 to MP10 Swimming Mesh Bag
MP1 to MP10 Swimming Bag
MP1 to MP10 Kick Board (Large)
MP1 to MP10 Kick Board (Small yellow triangle float)
MP1 to MP10 Finns
MP1 to MP3 Hand Paddles
MP1 to MP6 Pull Buoy
PM1 to MP6 Snorkel
All Squads Drinking Bottle (1 Litre) x 2