Heads of the Valleys MASTERS

HVSC Masters Swimming Club was formed by several of our older ex swimmers that used to swim on a casual basis within the main club training sessions.  It has evolved into a more sustainable training sessions with the head coach writing the session plans every week.  It is a friendly swimming club that follows the principals of Masters Swimming – i.e. swimming for adults, originally introduced to cater for the over 25’s, but now includes those who are 18 and over.

The basic ethos of Masters Swimming is to give everyone a go from casual fitness swimmers to ex-elite swimmers and to encourage as much participation as possible.

Master swimming times

  • Saturday – 8:00 to 10:00 am
  • Cost – £16.00 per month
  • There is a possibility to Swim in our Sunday Morning session by invitation only

Competitions – Masters

Masters at the Swim Wales meet as they competed in the 240 year age group and gained a welsh record.
Heads of the valley masters swimmers competed on the weekend of 4th and 5th March showing that they can compete with the best and it is never too late to start swimming competitively or never to late to continue swimming competitively.

Walter Syrett – Currently already holds the Welsh breaststroke records for

50 breaststroke in 35 right up to 54 year age group,

100 brst 35 right up to 54 age group and

200 breaststroke 45 up to 54 age group.

Walter was joined in the mixed medley relay team of

Phil Norman on backstroke

Gwenda Dinsdale on Breaststroke

Walter Syrett on Butterfly

Caroline Hunt Cosh on frontcrawl, competing in the 240 age group and above.

They not only gain gold medal but also a new welsh record.