Coaches Report Summer National Swansea

Heads of the Valley Swimming club travelled to Swansea for the Swim Wales summer open meet – 31st July to the 6th August.   There were 1111 competitors and 160 clubs taking part.  Heads of the Valley sent 11 seniors swimmers where they gained a total of 20 medals and 33 final places.

Ben Merriman with very fierce competition gained 3 silvers in 200 back and 400 I.M ,2 Bronze medals in 200 f/c, 400 f/c, 100 back and 12 final places.

Rhiannon Rowe swam superbly coming back after a broken wrist to achieve silver in 100 and 200 Butterfly, 3rd in 400 I.M and 4 final places,  In the same age group.

Madison Lovell swam amazing after a severe stomach bu to gain gold in 400 and 800 f/c, 3rd in 50 f/c and 2 final places,

Tom savage Taylor achieved 2 Bronze medals 3 final places.

Freya Watson in the 16 year age group did really well to achieved gold in 100 f/c and 100 fly, 3rd 50 fly, 2nd in 200 Butterfly and 3rd in 200I.M.

Niamh Thomas achieved 1 silver and two final places.

Sioned Collingbourne achieved 1 final place.

Other senior swimmers who competed and did loads of personal best times were:- Niamh Price, Maisy Palin, Dylan Havard and Carys Havard.

Also in the first 3 days there was also a Swim Wales open development meet where our younger swimmers did not disappoint and all swam personal best times.

Bailey Briggs showed she is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Archie Mclain is working very hard and I am sure he will be there again next yearwith the senior team as he has some fantastic swims.

Ellie Jones also showed she can compete with the best.

Ella Rae Woods after a nervous start out swam the competition and did really well.

Chloe Hale did the club proud and at this meet we say goodbye and good luck to Chloe as she is moving to Fishguard, so the club wishes her all the best in her new home and club.

2017 Club Championships

Club Championships  will take place at Ebbw Vale LC on 23rd September at 12:30 PM.  This is open to all swimmers and entry forms are attached.

Closing date is 13th September.  There will be no late entries taken after this date.

Please print off sheet relative to the squad you are currently swimming in.

If you have any concerns or questions please speak to the head coach or Rhian Palin.

Heads of the Valley LP1 – LP4

Heads of the Valley MP9 – 11

Heads of the Valley MP 7 – 8

Heads of the Valley MP 4 – 6

Heads of the Valley MP 1 – 3

Easter Championships – Swansea

Easter Nationals at Wales National Pool Swansea


Heads of the valley swimming club based in Ebbw vale sent 11 swimmers to the Swim Wales Easter Nationals in Wales National Pool Swansea. This was a National event where all the top swimmers in Wales came together to compete against each other and Heads of the Valley swimmers proved they could do the same. The youngest member of the group

Ben Merriman 12 years old

  • gold in 200 back ranked 19th in Britain
  • silver in 400 f/c and 200 fly and 100 back
  • Bronze in 200 I.M ranked 16th in Britain
  • 400 I.M, 200 f/c ranked 19th Britain
  • 50 fly, 100 fly ranked 19th Britain

Rhiannon Rowe 12 years

  • gold 400 I.M ranked 18th in Britain
  • silver 200 fly ranked 12th in Britain
  • final 100 fly and 200 I.M

Madison Lovell 12 years

  • Bronze 800 f/c ranked 13th Britain
  • Bronze 400 f/c ranked 16th Britain
  • 200 f/c 4th ranked 9th Britain

Freya Watson

  • final 50 fly, 100 fly and 200 fly

Tomas Savage Talyor 14

  • Bronze in 1500M f/c ranked 7th in Wales
  • final 50 back
  • 100 Back ranked 7th in Wales
  • 200 I.M ranked 10th in Wales
    Sioned Collingbourne 17 years
  • 100 fly final ranked 10th in Wales
  • 200 I.M final ranked 12th in Wales

Niamh Thomas 16 years

  • 100 brst final ranked 9th in Wales

James Hunt Cosh 17

  • 50 brst ranked 12th in Wales
  • 100 brst ranked 11th in Wales
  • final 200 Brst 4th by a whisker ranked 3rd in Wales

Maisy Palin

  • 50 brst ranked 6th in Wales
  • 100 brst ranked 5th in Wales
  • 200 brst ranked 5th in Wales
  • 200 I.M

Carys Havard

  • 50 f/c, 50 back and 50 fly

Heather Smith new HVSC official attended her first Nationals as a timekeeper and did very well under a great deal of pressure.

This was a great team effort and the swimmers all supported each other, we are now looking forward to the summer Nationals as out next target.

Wyvern League FINAL

Final Round of Wyvern League 6th May 2017 at 1.00 PM Please make every effort to attend as this is the final and we want to do the best we can. Medals for all swimmers who took part. It will be at Newport international sports village.

Please be at the pool for 12.45.

1.00 pm warm-up with a 1.30 pm Start.


Pheonix Fowler                            Laragh Epstein
Emila Joseph                                 Bailey Briggis
Kian Epstein                                  Ioan Coburn
Madison Lovell                             Rhiannon Rowe
Maisy Palin                                     Carys Havard
Catrina Higgins Captain             Tom Savage Talyor Captain
Kitt Stephens                                 Ellis Smith
Ellis Coburn Cohen                      Fenn Ellis
James Ingram                                Freddie Johnson
Dylan Havard                                Gregor Watson
Lexi Johnson                                  Ben Merriman
Ellie Jones                                       Ioan Kinsey
Chloe Hale                                      Archie Mclain
Issie Brassington                          Mia Reynolds
Keira Reynolds                              Connor Charles

Please let Jackie or Martyn know if you can or cannot make this event asap.