Return to Training on the 4th May 2021

Below is the current times for each squad to train.

Also the names of each swimmer and their squads they currently assigned to.

Over the coming weeks we will be monitoring the numbers attending and making the necessary changes to maximise the numbers in the pool.

Please follow Government and Local Authority Covid 19 restrictions. These are in place to safe guard the swimmers and coaching staff. If we don’t follow these, then there is a likelihood that we maybe suspended from training.

For us to operate, we need the assistance of all trained teachers and coaches to give their time to the club. Without your help we cannot operate and if circumstances dictate we may have to cancel club at short notice.

SquadsMondayTuesday AMTuesday PMThursday AMThursday PM    Friday     SaturdaySunday AMSunday PM
Gold6-8pm6:15-7:45am6-8pm6:15-7:45am 6-8pm8-10am8-10am 
Silver6-8pm   6-8pm6-8pm8-10am 6-8pm
Bronze6-8pm 6-8pm 6-8pm   6-8pm
Yellow  6-8pm 6-8pm 8-9am   6-8pm
Red  6-8pm 6-8pm   6-8pm
Pink     6-7pm 9-10am 6-8pm
Green    7-8pm  8-9am 
Purple A     6-7pm 9-10am 
Purple B     7-8pm 9-10am 
Orange A       8-9am 
Orange B       9-10am 
Learn Pool LP4        6:15 to 6:45
Learn Pool LP3        6:45 to 7:15
Masters      8-10am8-10am 
GoldSilverRedPurple ALP4 Session 1
Archie MclainFreddie JohnsonTasker WhiteFerdi FreemanAriane Watcyns
Bailey BriggsJohn AtkinsonMacsen EvansKevin HornyikFlorence Mosedale
Caitlin BoundKeira AveryNoah DaviesElora Hornyik
Dylan HavardLexi Johnsonlily Henley
Isabel BrassingtonPurple BAyla Price
James IngramBronzeJacob Kirkby
Lucy BrassingtonNicholas MorganPinkLavia WornaLP3 Session 2
Megan CopeCorey PlumleyElla MosedaleLogan PriceRoisin Epstein
Michael PurseyHarriett HooperHuw MosedaleDylan Windham
Morgan WattsLaragh EpsteinNaimh EpsteinOrange ALewis Schofield
Owen Price-DaviesRiley LewisSkye FrancisIolo WatkinsOliver Curtis
Rebeka RamseyJoseph CrossImogen Kirkby
Summer PriceYellowGreenSophia Valakova
Abbie HeadenEmilia RogersThomas HeadenMasters
Euan LewisFfinian WatkinsAmy Richards
Macsen WattsLivvi WoolfOrange BChrissie Owens
Nia RogersMacy PriceArthur HooperLiam Richards
Ruan HarrhyIoan WatcynsMarilyn Dinsdale
Lewis HenleyHayden CrowleRhian Alys
Tomas Schofield